Heathfield Reflexology, reflexologist near Horam

AoR Eco Friendly Therapist

By using the AoR Eco Friendly Therapist badge, I pledge to fulfil the following guidelines wherever practicable within my therapy practice:

  1. Minimise unnecessary purchasing in my practice – I use up existing things before buying new ones, and reuse items where appropriate
  2. Use paper only where necessary, and to choose paper that is recycled/carbon balanced/ FSC or PEFC certified
  3. Ensure that any products I use are produced in an environmentally sustainable way, eg low volume organic production runs
  4. Ensure that any chemicals used in my practice are not harmful to the environment
  5. Consider the carbon footprint of items and products used in my practice
  6. Minimise the waste generated by my practice and make sure any waste generated is recyclable or compostable
  7. Minimise the impact of my travel on the environment